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5 Amps to Volts

Welcome to 5 amps to volts, our post explaining the conversion of 5 amperes to volts.

If you have been searching for how many volts in 5 amps?, then you are right here, too 🙂 because the unit symbol for amperes is A.

In turn, the unit volt is symbolized as V.

As detailed on our page amps to volts, in order to change 5A to V we must use either amps and ohm, or amps and watts.


W or Ω?

Simply the Best Amperes ⇄ Volts Converter! Please ReTweet. Click To TweetLearn how to convert the electric current (I) of 5 amps to the electric potential, called voltage (V), to, taking into account that R denotes the resistance measured in Ohm (Ω), and that P denotes the power in watt (W).

Convert 5 Amps to Volts

We employ the two formulas V(V) = R(Ω) × I(A) and V(V) = P(W) / I(A).

Thus, V = Ω × A, and V = W / A → V = 5 × Ω, and V = W / 5.

In other words, we can change 5 amps to volts by means of ohm or via watts.

One of the two units must be chosen.

We recommend using our calculator at the top of this article.

Insert 5 in the amperage field, select watts or ohm from the drop-down menu, and then enter the amount corresponding to your choice in the second field to obtain your result.

BTW: Besides 5 amperes to volts, other conversions in this category include:

5A Watts to Volts

The 5A watts to volts formula is V = W / 5.

Replace W with your actual power in watt.

For example with W = 60, you obtain the result of 12 volts (rounded to two decimal digits).

5A Ohm to Volts

The 5A ohm to volts formula is V = 5 × Ω.

Replace Ω with your individual resistance in ohm.

Assumed Ω = 8, the result of the conversion is 40 volts (rounded to two decimal places).

5 Amps to Volts Summary

You have reached the concluding part of 5A to voltage.

As you already know the answer to the question how many volts in 5A? depends on the actual value of ohm or watts.

The image sums it up:Observe that you can locate many conversions similar to 5 amperes to volts using the search form in the sidebar, also linked in our header menu.

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