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Welcome to amps to volts, our page dedicated to the conversion of the electric current (I) measured in amperes (“amps”) to the voltage (V) in volts.

To change amperage to voltage you may either apply Ohm’ law V = R × I; R being the resistance of an electrical conductor measured in ohm. Or you can use the formula V = P / I ; P is the electrical Power in watt.

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W or Ω?

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The official symbols for these SI base or derived units are as follows: V for volts, A for amperes, Ω for ohm and W for watt. So, we can write the formulas as V(V) = R(Ω) × I(A) = P(W) / I(A). This basically means that you have two different ways to convert amps to volts, and that you must use either use ohm or watt in the absence of a direct relationship between amps and volts.

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Convert Amps to Volts

As explained in our introduction, you can determine the volts via the resistance or the power. However, either the ohm value or the watts must be known to obtain amps in volts.

Change Amps to Volts with Watts

To answer how many volts in an amp through watt use V(V) = P(W) / I(A), dividing the power by the current. For example, assumed P = 60 W and I = 1.5 A you obtain V = 60 / 1.5 = 40 Volts.

Change Amps to Volts with Ohm

To answer how many volts in an amp via ohm use = V(V) = R(Ω) × I(A), multiplying the resistance by the current. For example, assumed R = 25 Ω and I = 2 A you get I = 25 × 2 = 50 Volts.

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